The Latino Hotel Association (LHA)

The Latino Hotel Association provides resources for Latinos in The United States who are interested in learning about hotel investment and ownership. Our goal is to provide information, education, networking, and development resources to the Latino and Hispanic community. The Latino community continues to grow and has become a significant population in The United States. Providing resources that help our community prevail in the hospitality industry creates more opportunities for Latinos and their families to experience wealth and success for years to come.

By joining LHA you will have the opportunity to attend annual industry events and conferences. We provide the platform to network with established hotel brands, investors, financing entities, owners, industry partners, and service providers to establish successful business partnerships.

2022 is an exciting year for LHA! We have formed new alliances and have added a group of diverse board members. These new relationships will assist us on our mission to bring the hotel industry’s top developers and brands to you.

We invite you to join The Latino Hotel Association and embrace the excitement of hotel development and ownership with us!

Brand Partners and Development

Having corporate partners is vital to what we do. Not only does our partnership assist with events and organizational growth, their vast industry resources and participation support the very foundation of the Association.

Strategic Partners

Having seasoned veterans of the industry by our side is vital to our association. Offering the industry’s top-rated events and informational network, our strategic partners add true value to our association and its members.

Allied Partners

Our Allied Partners are a significant complement to our Association. Providing a variety of services and products in the hospitality industry; Allied Partners bring their resources and connections to advance our association while sharing their expertise in the industry.

Our Mission

The Latino Hotel Association is dedicated to serving people with a passion for the hospitality industry. We are committed to expanding the community of Latino and Hispanic hotel owners and operators. LHA provides educational and networking opportunities for up-and-coming hotel entrepreneurs. We’re here to help the Latino community become leaders in the hospitality industry!


Our board members truly bring things together for our organization. Collectively providing an array of experience in both time and skill, into everything we do.

Development Resources

Interested in developing a hotel property? These starter resources from top hotel companies are great place to start!


We love our media partners! Here you will find some really great folks to work with as we have had the fortune of having.


We have worked with hundreds of industry professionals to curate valuable information for our members.

Latinos & The Economy

Did you know that the Latino community has contributed to a large portion of the economy’s growth over the past decade?

Many sectors are attributed to these figures, but one thing is certain, Latinos in the United States are vital to the economy and offer full sector growth. A good portion of that growth is due to the increasing numbers in Latino small business growth as well. Importantly, the hotel industry possess some very lucrative opportunities and long lasting investment growth, especially for Latino ownership.

Learn more about hotel ownership and utilize a few provided resources that can help get you started in hotel ownership.

Latinos are responsible for 90.8% of labor force growth since 2010

Labor Force Growth0%

Latino Population in 2020 has increased by 23% from 2010

Latino Population Increase '10-'200%

Latino buying power has increased 293% since 2000, outpacing non-Latinos, who have increased by 125%

Buying Power Increase0%

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