The Latino Hotel  Association

Welcome to the Latino Hotel Association.

We are connecting the dots for Latinos interested in the hotel industry, both those interested in ownership and those interested in in making ownership a reality.

For the last 10 years, the rate of new businesses started by Hispanics has been 15 times that of the national average.  Hispanics own more than 4 million businesses throughout the United States with revenues exceeding $650 billion. The hotel industry needs these bright, ambitious business leaders.

The Latino Hotel Association promotes the hotel industry to Hispanic entrepreneurs, sponsors industry events, provides information on hotel ownership and the hospitality industry, and connects those interested in the industry with the resources they need.

Our Mission: Connecting the dots for Latinos interested in hotel ownership and those interested in providing the opportunities in making ownership a reality.

Latino Hotel Association Board of Directors

Our board members offer great insight and guidance as we grow and maximize the potential of the Association. Each member brings to the table their own unique skill set and industry related expertise that helps in building our network and resources.

Having corporate partners is vital to what we do. Not only does our partnership assist with events and organizational growth, their vast industry resources and participation support the very foundation of the Association.

Having season veterans in the industry by your side is vital to us as an association and so is their partnership. Offering the industry’s top-rated events and informational network, our strategic partners add true value to our association and its members.

Who Should Join?


Management Companies

Hotel Marketing Managers


Industry Product Providers

Hospitality Schools


Industry Service Providers

Hospitality Students

Real Estate Executives

Investment Bankers

Government Agencies


Hotel General Managers

Latino Entrepreneurs

Professional Advisers

Hotel Sales Managers

Tourism and Development