Conferences & Events

LHA Conferences & Events are much more than just gatherings; they are the epicenter of innovation, networking, and growth in the Latino hotel industry. These events provide a unique platform for industry leaders, new entrants, and seasoned veterans to come together, share insights, and forge lasting partnerships. Dive into our curated events and discover a world teeming with opportunities and transformative ideas.

Every year, we meticulously plan and execute these conferences to reflect the industry’s ever-evolving nature. Be it the latest in hotel technologies, investment strategies, or management practices, attendees are always assured a front-row seat to groundbreaking revelations.

Don’t miss out on these unparalleled experiences. Mark your calendar, network with the best, and elevate your understanding of the hotel industry with LHA.

Annual Conference

If you are around, stop by and say hi. We will be attending each of these events and many others throughout North America.

These events are top in the industry and provide an excellent resource whether you’re a new hotelier, or an experienced executive looking to sharpen your skills.

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