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Cvent stands as a premier provider of meetings, events, and hospitality technology, boasting a global presence with over 4,300 employees, 27,000 customers, and 300,000 users. The Cvent Event Cloud delivers comprehensive software solutions for event planners and marketers, including online event registration, venue selection, event management and marketing, onsite solutions, and attendee engagement. By automating and simplifying the planning process, Cvent’s suite of products ensures that events achieve maximum impact.

In addition to supporting event planners, the Cvent Hospitality Cloud collaborates with hotels and venues to drive group and corporate travel business. Utilizing digital marketing tools and software solutions, hotels leverage Cvent’s sourcing platforms to secure business efficiently and profitably, fostering growth and ownership of their enterprise. Cvent’s solutions optimize the entire event management value chain, enabling clients worldwide to manage millions of meetings and events seamlessly. For more information, please visit Cvent.com or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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EthniFacts emerged from the need for better insights and tools to engage the New Mainstream – an America reimagined where the “general market” has evolved into a diverse marketplace that recognizes consumers of all races and ethnicities as key drivers of social trends and business growth. We specialize in developing activation strategies that reflect this new reality.

At the forefront of this dynamic shift are multicultural consumers and non-ethnic Americans who share similar values and attitudes, forming a vibrant and rapidly expanding CulturEdge℠. Meanwhile, the nation’s 57 million Latinos are experiencing an ASPIRATIONAL SHIFT, embracing new attitudes and behaviors that are fully “Latino” and fully “American.” Through advanced research tools and innovative insights, EthniFacts empowers marketers and advertisers to harness the potential of the New Mainstream, unlocking new opportunities for growth and engagement.

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At Ascend Learning Solutions, our mission is to make education simple and accessible for everyone. We specialize in delivering courses and professional development seminars designed to transform complex information into clear, manageable content. Our approach ensures that learning is not only straightforward but also highly effective, making it easier for learners to grasp and retain new knowledge.

We understand that each individual processes knowledge differently, which is why we embrace Carl Rogers’ humanistic principles. By valuing unique learning styles and adapting our methods to meet diverse needs, we provide multiple examples and approaches to facilitate effective knowledge transfer. Committed to making education both enjoyable and enriching, Ascend Learning Solutions is dedicated to supporting every learner on their educational journey, ensuring they achieve their fullest potential.


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The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) is dedicated to promoting the economic growth, development, and interests of over 4.7 million Hispanic-owned businesses, which collectively contribute more than $800 billion annually to the American economy. By advocating for its extensive network of over 250 local chambers and business associations across the nation, USHCC plays a pivotal role in fostering a robust and dynamic Hispanic business community. Additionally, USHCC partners with over 260 major American corporations, enhancing its reach and impact.

USHCC is committed to providing valuable resources to Hispanic business communities, aiming to improve customer engagement and expand business opportunities. By focusing on stimulating the Hispanic economy while maintaining a positive balance between growth and social equity, USHCC ensures that Hispanic businesses continue to thrive and contribute significantly to the broader economy. Through advocacy, partnership, and resource provision, USHCC remains at the forefront of empowering Hispanic entrepreneurs and supporting their enduring success.

National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals® (NAHREP)

The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals® (NAHREP) is dedicated to being The Voice for Hispanic Real Estate®, championing homeownership within the Hispanic community. Homeownership represents the American Dream, serving as a cornerstone of wealth creation and a stabilizing force for working families. NAHREP plays a crucial role as trusted advisors and passionate advocates, guiding Hispanic families toward achieving this dream in a sustainable manner that empowers them for generations.

With a unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit, cultural heritage, and member advocacy, NAHREP is committed to advancing sustainable Hispanic homeownership. By educating and empowering real estate professionals who serve Hispanic homebuyers and sellers, advocating for supportive public policies, and facilitating strong relationships among industry stakeholders and housing professionals, NAHREP ensures that more Hispanic families can attain and benefit from the American Dream.

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) – Hospitality and Tourism Management

UTRGV is dedicated to becoming a national and international leader in hospitality business leadership, education, research, and service. As a premier Hispanic-serving institution, UTRGV aims to advance knowledge and transform lives in the Rio Grande Valley, the state of Texas, the nation, and beyond. Our vision is to be recognized for our commitment to excellence in these areas, contributing significantly to the academic and professional landscape.

The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management at UTRGV prepares students to be globally competitive and manage hospitality businesses with exceptional customer service. The program also focuses on developing, managing, and growing tourism to enhance the economic well-being of the communities our students live in. By providing a comprehensive education, UTRGV ensures that graduates are equipped to make meaningful contributions to the hospitality and tourism industry, fostering sustainable development and community prosperity.

NMSU School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management

New Mexico State University (NMSU) offers the only Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management (HRTM) in the state of New Mexico, available both in-person and online. This specialized management degree integrates applied business courses such as accounting, human resources, and hotel operations, while also allowing students to explore diverse careers in hospitality and tourism. Students gain practical work experience and hands-on education in our state-of-the-art food production and service lab facilities, including the student-run 100 West Café and the Bobby Lee Lawrence Academy of Wine. Additionally, students have internship opportunities, including positions at the Courtyard by Marriott adjacent to the NMSU campus.

Our program is supported by dedicated, student-centered faculty who provide personalized mentorship. The School of HRTM offers generous scholarships through NMSU and industry partners, as well as career development and community outreach opportunities through the Marriott Hospitality Futures Center, funded by grants. For those holding a bachelor’s degree and seeking to advance their careers in hospitality and tourism management or education, NMSU also offers a Master of Family and Consumer Sciences with an HRTM emphasis. This graduate degree, available on-campus or fully online, allows students to leverage the extensive resources of the HRTM program and the NMSU Graduate School. Discover more about our graduate program and take the next step in your hospitality career.

Florida International University (FIU)

The Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management at Florida International University (FIU) is a premier institution, ranked 6th in the U.S. and 31st globally among top U.S. public universities for tourism and hospitality management. Our students are uniquely positioned to gain hands-on experience by helping run the world-renowned Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival presented by Capital One (SOBEWFF®). Additionally, they have access to leading global corporations such as Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, Bacardi USA, Carnival Cruise Lines, Marriott International, and Burger King.

Located on the picturesque Biscayne Bay campus, FIU’s hospitality students benefit from expert faculty, a rich curriculum, and fast-track career opportunities. The hospitality industry is the world’s largest, offering numerous exciting and high-paying careers across various sectors, including hotel management, restaurant operations, beverage management, real estate management, event and entertainment management, and tourism. Graduates can pursue careers in cruise lines, airlines, resorts, hotels, restaurants, entertainment and sports venues, nightclubs, and many other businesses with a hospitality bachelor’s or master’s degree. At FIU Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, students can jumpstart their careers through unique opportunities like the South Beach Wine & Food Festival®. Be a leader in hospitality management – tour our campus virtually or visit us in person.

HILTON COLLEGE at The University of Houston

If you’re passionate about a career in hospitality, the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston is the ideal place for you! While our name highlights “Hotel and Restaurant,” we offer a specialized business degree program that prepares graduates for success in all sectors of the booming global hospitality industry. Our alumni excel in various fields including lodging, restaurants, food and beverage management, catering and events, casino, spa and club management, food safety, conference services, hospitality technology, sports and entertainment venues, marketing and social media, tourism, revenue management, wine and spirits distribution, and much more!

Founded in 1969 by the legendary Conrad N. Hilton, Hilton College is a world leader in hospitality education. We offer undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees in hotel and restaurant management, hospitality management, global hospitality business, and hospitality administration, as well as a minor in beverage management and marketing. Renowned for producing top-tier hospitality professionals who make an immediate impact on the industry, our graduates are highly sought after by recruiters worldwide. Impressively, over 91 percent of our students secure employment before graduation. With 50 years of industry connections, Hilton College provides an unparalleled platform for students to study, learn, and succeed in incredible hospitality careers around the globe. At Hilton College, we are dedicated to preparing the hospitality leaders of tomorrow. We ARE hospitality!

California State University Hospitality and Tourism

The Hospitality & Tourism Alliance at California State University provides a comprehensive gateway to the dynamic world of hospitality and tourism management, both domestically and internationally. Located in California, our program offers students access to a wide array of global, national, and regional corporations across all segments of the hospitality and tourism industry. This prime location and extensive network provide students with invaluable insights and hands-on experience, preparing them for success in a competitive field.

Graduates of our program are immediate assets to any employer, equipped with a rigorous academic background, strong work ethic, and extensive real-world experience. These qualities ensure that our alumni excel in the global hospitality and tourism markets. The curriculum is designed to navigate the dynamic and evolving nature of the industry, fostering the leaders of tomorrow. At California State University, we are dedicated to equipping students with the skills, knowledge, and practical experience necessary to make a significant impact in the hospitality and tourism sectors worldwide. We prepare the next generation of hospitality professionals to thrive and lead in this ever-evolving industry.


he Americas Lodging Investment Summit (ALIS) is recognized as the leading and largest hotel investment conference in the world. In January 2018, ALIS attracted nearly 3,000 attendees, highlighting its significance within the industry. The summit offers numerous networking opportunities and features an extensive array of seminars and panels conducted by hotel industry experts. These sessions cover important trends, explore innovative strategies, and identify new opportunities for the year ahead.

At ALIS, participants have the chance to connect with key players in the hospitality industry, gain valuable insights from thought leaders, and stay ahead of the latest developments in hotel investment. The conference provides a comprehensive platform to address current challenges, anticipate future trends, and envision what lies beyond. By joining us at ALIS, you will benefit from a wealth of knowledge, robust networking opportunities, and actionable insights that can drive your success in the dynamic world of hotel investment. We invite you to be a part of this premier event and leverage the unparalleled opportunities it offers for growth and advancement in the hospitality secto


The Hunter Hotel Investment Conference is widely recognized as one of the nation’s premier hotel conferences, drawing key hotel owners and leading industry influencers from a broad spectrum of organizations. Known for its expert speakers and unparalleled networking opportunities, the conference equips attendees with valuable insights into hotel operations, investment strategies, and industry trends.

This prestigious event provides a unique platform for industry leaders to connect, share knowledge, and explore emerging trends and opportunities within the hotel investment sector. Attendees benefit from in-depth sessions covering a range of topics, from operational efficiency to innovative investment approaches. Whether you’re looking to enhance your business operations, expand your investment portfolio, or stay ahead of industry developments, the Hunter Hotel Investment Conference offers the tools, expertise, and connections to help you achieve your goals. Join us and walk away with actionable insights, enhanced industry knowledge, and a strengthened professional network that will drive your success in the dynamic world of hotel investment.


The Lodging Conference is one of the premier hotel industry events globally. Over the past 23 years, it has attracted tens of thousands of high-powered hotel owners and executives from around the world. The event has been sold out for the last five years, with attendance exceeding 1,800 in 2017. The Lodging Conference brings together the hotel industry’s most influential owners, operators, presidents, CEOs, and dealmakers to strategize about development, finance, franchising, management, construction, design, and operations.

More than just a conference, The Lodging Conference is a dynamic THINK TANK where everyone in attendance can join the conversation, discuss pressing issues, and collaboratively solve problems. This unique format fosters an environment of innovation and collaboration, making it an invaluable experience for all participants. Join us at The Lodging Conference to connect with industry leaders, gain actionable insights, and contribute to shaping the future of the hotel industry. This is your opportunity to be part of a transformative event that not only addresses current challenges but also explores new horizons and opportunities in the hospitality sector.


The Caribbean Hotel & Resort Investment Summit (CHRIS) stands as the Caribbean’s premier hotel investment conference. Held in convenient Miami, CHRIS offers informative sessions and unbeatable networking opportunities, attracting key players in the hotel and tourism investment community. With over a decade of experience, the host of CHRIS has crafted a conference that is innovative, timely, and focused on the unique opportunities and challenges of the Caribbean market.

Join us at CHRIS to connect with industry leaders, gain valuable insights, and explore new investment opportunities in the Caribbean. The conference is designed to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing, providing attendees with the tools and connections needed to succeed in this vibrant region. Whether you’re looking to expand your investment portfolio or stay ahead of industry trends, CHRIS offers the perfect platform to achieve your goals. Be a part of this influential event and experience the dynamic and growing hospitality sector in the Caribbean.

Hotel Opportunities Latin America (HOLA)

Hotel Opportunities Latin America (HOLA) is designed to provide an annual meeting place for hotel executives, investors, lenders, developers, and the professional advisory community interested in doing deals in one of the world’s hottest hotel markets—Latin America. This premier event offers a unique platform for industry leaders to connect, share insights, and explore new opportunities in the vibrant and rapidly growing Latin American hospitality sector.

At HOLA, attendees will engage in high-level discussions, gain valuable market intelligence, and network with key stakeholders who are shaping the future of the hotel industry in Latin America. The conference facilitates strategic partnerships and investment opportunities, making it an essential event for anyone looking to capitalize on the dynamic growth and potential of this exciting region. Join us at HOLA to be part of the conversation and drive your business forward in the Latin American hotel market.

LendingCon 2024

LendingCon was established to help real estate owners increase profits and grow their portfolios. The Fourth Annual LendingCon event will be held in August 2024 in Orlando, with the theme “Your Platform for Financial Growth, Development, and Leverage.” This year’s conference is set to provide invaluable insights and networking opportunities. The agenda includes topics such as loan programs for financing hospitality and commercial properties, strategies for finding value-add properties before they are listed for sale, leveraging private equity partnerships for investment opportunities, and accounting and tax strategies that save money. Attendees will also learn about hotel management best practices to increase occupancy and revenue, development and lending insights, and receive important industry updates from top franchises and industry leaders.

Previous LendingCon conferences have been highly successful, attracting over five hundred attendees, including real estate owners, hospitality and real estate lenders, and key executives from companies like RedRoof, Choice Hotels, M3, Sonesta, and STR. The event offered valuable information on real estate finance, including SBA lending, bridge financing, and alternative financing, along with seminars aimed at helping real estate owners increase profits through effective accounting and management practices. We are excited about LendingCon 2024 and look forward to seeing you there. Join us for an event filled with expert insights, networking opportunities, and strategies to enhance your financial growth and development. Don’t miss the chance to connect with industry leaders and take your investment portfolio to the next level.


Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA)

The Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) is the definitive voice of hotel owners in the hospitality industry. Founded in 1989, AAHOA has grown to become one of the industry’s fastest-growing organizations, boasting over 10,000 members who own 20,000 hotels with a combined property value of $128 billion. AAHOA is dedicated to promoting and protecting the interests of its members by inspiring excellence through a wide array of programs and initiatives.

AAHOA’s commitment to its members includes advocacy, industry leadership, professional development, member benefits, and community involvement. Through these efforts, AAHOA ensures that its members are well-represented and equipped to excel in the competitive hospitality market. By fostering a strong community and providing valuable resources, AAHOA continues to support and advance the interests of hotel owners across the nation. Join AAHOA to be part of a dynamic and influential organization that is shaping the future of the hospitality industry.


The National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators & Developers (NABHOOD) is dedicated to increasing the number of African Americans in the hospitality industry. Their mission focuses on developing, managing, operating, and owning hotels, as well as increasing vendor opportunities and executive-level jobs for minorities. By doing so, NABHOOD aims to create wealth and foster economic growth within the African-American community.

NABHOOD’s initiatives are designed to empower African Americans by providing the resources, networking opportunities, and support needed to succeed in the hotel industry. Through advocacy, education, and professional development, NABHOOD is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion in the hospitality sector, ensuring that more African Americans can achieve leadership positions and ownership within the industry. Join NABHOOD to be part of an organization that is driving positive change and creating opportunities for the African-American community in hospitality.


American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA)

The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) is the sole national association representing all sectors and stakeholders in the lodging industry. This includes individual hotel property members, hotel companies, student and faculty members, and industry suppliers. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., AHLA provides comprehensive support to its members through national advocacy on Capitol Hill, public relations and image management, education, research and information, and other value-added services.

AHLA’s mission is to ensure a positive business climate for the lodging industry by advocating for policies that benefit its members, providing bottom line savings, and promoting the interests of the industry at large. Through its diverse programs and initiatives, AHLA equips its members with the resources and support needed to thrive in the competitive hospitality market. Join AHLA to be part of a powerful and influential organization dedicated to advancing the lodging industry.


TLTsolutions offers unparalleled insight and access to alternative investments, connecting people to acquire residential and commercial real estate. Our mission is to empower individuals to create wealth by educating and opening the door to real estate investing. We aim to build a chain of generational wealth, growing stronger as more people join together.

TLTsolutions identifies and vets income-producing real estate opportunities, focusing on residential, multifamily, and hotels with strong fundamentals and predictable cash flow. Investments are structured as limited partnerships, allowing individuals, families, and small entities to participate. We handle everything from property acquisition and loan guarantees to asset management and day-to-day operations, enabling you to enjoy passive income effortlessly. Before inviting partners, we thoroughly analyze opportunities, formulate strategies, and invest our own capital to ensure success. Join us and link arms to create lasting wealth.



The Castell Project mission is to see women in more than one of every three positions at all levels of hospitality industry leadership and ownership

Castell Project, a 501©3 nonprofit, is named for castell builders. These teams of thousands build human pyramids that lift people many levels high.

Castell Project reduces the friction that slows women’s rise as leaders.

  • The research initiative moves the conversation about women from opinion and emotion to facts and goals.
  • Leadership programs develop women in five areas where gender-specific training enables women to progress faster and lead more effectively.
  • Castell@College recognizes that women in hospitality programs often set their sights too low and introduces successful women who are executives and have rich personal lives to show students opportunity.
  • Podium initiatives including the Castell Award and WSH List showcase women so they can gain the recognition they need to move up, and so both men and women see women in leading roles.
Fortunas Table


Fortuna’s Table exists to simplify the complex process of hotel deals. Recognizing that information is often disorganized, experts are costly and busy, and the learning curve is steep, Fortuna’s Table addresses these challenges. Modeled after high-tech business incubators, we provide organized, accessible information and resources to help aspiring hotel investors navigate the industry with confidence and support.

Our platform is designed to reduce the friction involved in hotel investments, making it easier for you to access the knowledge and expertise needed to succeed. Join Fortuna’s Table to streamline your journey and turn your hotel investment dreams into reality.