Collectively these are some of the industry’s top resources available to those interested in hospitality and hotel ownership. Resources like these can be found at our events and other additional industry events we attend. If you are looking for a particular resource, please feel free to give us a shout.

Fortunas Table


Fortuna’s Table exists because doing a hotel deal is difficult – information is not readily available or organized, experts are expensive and busy, and it’s tough to climb a learning curve alone. Modeled after high-tech business incubators, Fortuna’s Table addresses this friction.


Providing unparalleled insight and access to alternative investments, TLTsolutions links people together to acquire residential and commercial real estate.  Our mission is to empower people to create wealth, so we educate and open the door to real estate investing for aspiring investors like you. We build a chain that lifts you up and gets stronger as more people join together to build generational wealth.

​How do we build the Chain?

​TLTsolutions identifies and vets income producing real estate opportunities. Focusing primarily on residential, multifamily and hotels; we target assets with compelling fundamentals and predictable cash flow.​ We structure the investments so that aspiring individuals, families and small entities can participate and link arms with us to create passive income.

​The investments are structured as limited partnerships and we do all the heavy lifting. From acquiring the property and guaranteeing the loan to strategically managing the asset and overseeing the day to day operations. We do the work so that you enjoy passive income with absolutely no effort.

Before offering a real estate investment to you, TLTsolutions thoroughly analyzes the opportunity. We help you mitigate risk and capitalize on the asset’s income potential. Then we formulate our investment strategy, build a business plan, and take control of the property using our own cash first. Then and only then, after the heavy lifting has been done do we look for partners, like you, to own the asset with us.


She Has a Deal was founded to create pathways to hotel ownership for women through education, networking, and mentorship.  SHaD’s signature program is an annual hotel investment pitch competition.  She Has a Deal also offers educational opportunities for all kinds of aspiring hotel investors through our MasterClass series.

It can be challenging to create the connections and access the networks you need to invest in hotels.  While She Has a Deal is organized around our pitch competition, our mission is to create a movement. We provide education, exposure to the business, inspirational examples, and a powerful network for our community.  The mentors and collaborators you engage with here will support your efforts long after the competition is over.

Additional Resources

The Beginner’s
Guide to Hotel Investing
by John Wijtenburg