Past Events

Our Past Events page, a repository of memories, milestones, and moments that have shaped the Latino Hotel Association’s journey. This section is dedicated to showcasing our past annual conferences and major regional events, which have been instrumental in fostering community, innovation, and growth within the Latino hotel industry.

Each event is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our mission to empower Latino professionals. From keynote speeches by industry leaders to hands-on workshops and networking sessions, these events have provided invaluable opportunities for learning, collaboration, and advancement. They have been the breeding ground for ideas that drive the industry forward and the birthplace of partnerships that last a lifetime.

Explore the highlights, photos, and summaries of our past events to relive the experiences and gain insights into the transformative power of these gatherings. Each event has contributed to our rich history and has paved the way for future successes. We invite you to reminisce with us and get inspired by the journey we’ve embarked on together.



Relive the excitement of the LHA 2023 Annual Conference. This past event offered unparalleled networking, cutting-edge industry insights, and inspiring keynote speakers. Attendees connected with industry leaders, discovered the latest trends, and became part of the community driving innovation in the hotel industry.



Reflect on the vibrant LHA 2022 Annual Conference. This past event featured unmatched networking opportunities, insightful industry discussions, and inspiring keynote addresses. Participants engaged with leading professionals, explored emerging trends, and contributed to the community advancing innovation in the Latino hotel industry. It was an enriching experience that enhanced many careers.