2023 Annual Conference

October 11 & 12, 2023


Elevate Your Game

with Our Emcee – Jeannette Ceja

The LHA Annual Conference transcends the ordinary event experience and promises to be game-changing. Elevating this year’s gathering, we are thrilled to introduce Jeannette Ceja as your Emcee.

Far beyond being an award-winning bilingual travel journalist, Jeannette is a pioneering trailblazer and thought leader who will infuse the conference with exceptional energy.

Jeannette is recognized globally for her vast expertise in women’s travel, luxury travel, and the Latino-Hispanic travelers demographic. With a career that spans across 60 countries and multiple international events and global experiences, Jeannette brings to our event the level of evolution and innovation we strive to provide at our Annual Conferences.

Spotlight Speaker Alert!

Introducing, Bill Fortier

We’re immensely proud to present our distinguished guest speaker, Bill Fortier, the Senior Vice President – Development, Americas at Hilton.

With a prolific career spanning decades, from his impactful tenure at Marriott International to his transformative role at Hilton, Bill’s journey is a masterclass in hotel development and franchising.

Don’t Miss BIll!

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned investor, Bill is a reservoir of insights and his stories are not to be missed. Dive into his experiences, grasp the nuances of brand development, and draw inspiration from his unparalleled expertise.

Driftwood Capital’s Visionary

Carlos Rodriguez Sr.

Introducing Carlos Rodriguez Sr., the CEO of Driftwood Capital. Under his stewardship, Driftwood’s influence in the hospitality real estate investment world has skyrocketed. Their acquisition of the Hilton Dallas Southlake Town Square and ambitious renovation plans underscore their formidable vision.

Get ready to delve deeper into Rodriguez’s perspectives at our conference!

Introducing Choice Hotel’s

Champion of Diversity

John Lancaster

John Lancaster, Regional Vice President of Emerging Markets Development & Owner Relations at Choice Hotels, stands as a beacon of inspiration. With prior roles as Director of Marketing, General Manager, and Director of Global Sales Sourcing and Solutions, John’s journey to advocate for underrepresented minorities in hotel ownership is truly remarkable. Over the past six years, Lancaster has enabled 40+ minorities to realize their dreams of hotel ownership under Choice’s banner. His commitment to diversifying the lodging industry, coupled with Choice Hotel’s groundbreaking Diversity Incentive Programs, makes his session a must-attend.

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